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土, 24 3月 2012 12:08

Niseko Mountain Boarding School

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Niseko Mountain Boarding School

NOASC operates Niseko's only Mountain boarding school. Mountain boarding originated from snowboarding (and skateboarding in summer). Your mountain board is made up of a deck, bindings to secure the rider to the deck, four air inflated tyres, attached to front and rear mounted steering assemblies (similar to skateboard trucks). As with snowboarding, and skateboarding the rider learns to either side to turn the board. Learn what all the hype is about and experience it yourself on your next visit to Niseko.


  • 料金 6,500yen
  • 集合時間 9:30am, 13:30pm
  • 所要時間 2-3 hours
  • 対象年齢 13 yrs and above
  • 最少催行人数 3
  • シーズン Late May to late October