What to bring when going Backcountry

  •  Ski/Snowboard/Telemark gear: :Rental available at NOASC. To enjoy your tour more, why don't rent the latest FAT powder All mountain Rental skis from our rental range.
  •  Avalanche Beacon: Rental available at NOASC.
  •  Snowshoes/Ski poles/Backpack: Rental available at NOASC.
  •  Clothing: Ski/Snowboard wear, thermal shirt and outerwear appropriate for the time of year and current weather conditions. Knit cap, Neck warmer, appropriate gloves for use when hiking, Goggles, spare goggles or sunglasses for use when hiking.
  •  Helmet: We recommend wearing a helmet for increased safety.
  •  Hot drink - Best kept in a thermos flask.
  •  Lunch: Lunch (your own favorite energy food) and snacks (high energy snacks like nuts and chocolate). Our CAT skiing operations include a hearty lunch.
  •  Bath towel: Bath towel for when we have an Onsen/hot spring bath at the end of our 1day tour. Lastly, a thirst for Adventure.

 We may not arrive back by 16:00, depending on weather conditions.