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2021 Special Plan Rafting Private Boat 20,000yen (Tour photos included) Featured

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ラフティング貸切ボートプランが1ボート20,000円(写真付きです。) ラフティング貸切ボートプランが1ボート20,000円(写真付きです。) NOASC

2021 Summer Private Boat 20,000yen (Tour photos included)


NOASC is sure to satisfy both first timers and repeat clients!
In Niseko's magnificent nature, we work together with friends and family to ♪ rafting.
Our private chartered boat plan is recommended for such people♪
☆ Do you want to raft in a boat only with your group!
☆ I want to enjoy the experience without worrying about other customers!
☆ Because it is a special day, I want to experience the tour alone! (I'm sorry, but we need room for our guide too.)
☆ Catering for Children, through to the 80 years olds. Raft at your own pace!
And so on....

It is a plan not to share a boat with other participants.
Even one person is OK!
Even two people are OK!
Even three people are OK!
Even 4 people are OK!
Even 5 people are OK!
More than 6 people will be adjusted. Please contact us.
※Please make a reservation for 2 boats if more than 8 people in your group.
◎Conditions for participation: 1st grade elementary school student or higher
*If your child (elementary school student) participates, please be sure to enter the age of the child (elementary school student).
Examples): Elementary 4 (10 years old), Elementary 1, (6 years old), etc.)
※ For insurance, please tell us the correct age on the day of participation.

Professional guide instructors for Japanese and non-Japanese are licensed by the Rafting Association of Japan will guide you on the day.
Our staff, trained, qualified professionals, will help you have a great Niseko experience with an at homely atmosphere!

[Reservations will be accepted by booking on our website, by e-mail, and telephone.] 】
[HP] Web application discount (10% OFF is a great deal, so we would appreciate it if you could use it)
  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  0136-23-1688 (9:00-17:00)

NOTE: Apart from our web booking discount all other discounts cannot be used during PEAK periods: Summer  April 29th - May 10th (Goldenweek period), July 20th- August 20th, Winter: December 20th to Febraury 28th.

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