As part of our Application process we would like to learn more about yourself. It would be much appreciated if you would please answer the following the 35 questions and return this questionnaire to us by clicking on the submit button at the bottom of this form.Filling in this questionnaire should take you between 5-10 minutes.
So we can contact you enter your email address please.
NOTE: Multiple checks are acceptable for persons that are wishing to work in various roles. Willingness to work in multiple roles will maximize your income earning potential within NOASC.
If you choose outdoor guide summer or winter, or several positions, please place you choices in order by priority, with the first being the position you would like to do most of all.
Payday is once per month so you need to be able to support yourself throughout any training period and up until your first payday.
NOTE: TAX RATE: For foreign non-residents who intend to stay within Japan for less than one year, Japanese taxation law requires that 20% tax fee be deducted from all earnings.
NOASC knowing what you think you are good at will allow NOASC to plan your time at our company so you can enjoy yourself to the utmost and get the most out of your work experience.
Our instructors are always striving to help you achieve your goals as quick as possible. Knowing what you think you need to improve on will enable NOASC to help you better.
NOTE: As a guide/Instructor you will be required occasionally to drive our vehicles picking up and dropping off clients on tours/activities/lessons, etc.
Tell us how you feel about driving clients in mini-vans (up to 10 seaters)
Please tell us if you have ever been in-charge of directing other employees; been a captain or vice captain of a sporting team, school captain, etc.
Please indicate generally how you go at managing your various work tasks in the workplace, against realistic deadlines given to you.
Please tell us if you like working in varying roles. Example, multisport guiding (i.e. raft/canyoning/mountain biking guides in summer. In winter,instructing, guiding, night work, snow clearing, etc., working where needed.
NOASC is always looking for persons who would like to work both in summer and winter. If you have the skills and wish to do this please let us know.
In approximately 75 words or less...
Please attach a photo of yourself in a jpg format no bigger than 300Kb (kilobytes) in size.
If you havent already sent us your resume, please upload and attach it to this questionnaire here. Acceptable files types are:doc,docx,pdf. File size less than 3000kb (3Mb)Our company would like to thank you for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire.Please click on the "submit" button to send your questionnaire.Thank you.NOASC/NRS/OTJ Management.

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